Keys to the Door: Owners Donae Cangelosi Chramosta and Rob Chramosta, manager Alma Wofford.
What’s Stocked: Look beyond Times Past’s 1,700 square feet of vintage and estate jewelry, early 20th-century American and French art glass, rare coins, fine watches and other collectibles, and you’ll find an 800-square-foot, newly opened nook devoted to the art of the handbag. The walls are slicked Louis Vuitton chocolate brown and hung with saucy fashion illustrations and vintage black-and-white shots of Parisian streets. Against this backdrop is a jewel-box display of vintage purses from luxury purveyors we know and love — Louis Vuitton, Hermès, Prada and Chanel, circa 1960s to more recent, and many limited editions — as well as a selection of vintage Hermès scarves. It’s all the vision of Donae Cangelosi Chramosta (wife of Times Past prez Rob Chramosta), whose passion for fine handbags goes back to her childhood, when her father used to gift her with a Gucci bag upon his return from the quarries of Italy. Cangelosi Chramosta’s other job? President of Cangelosi, a family-owned stoneworks company. She finds her bags for Times Past on buying trips to Europe, plus a few select domestic sources, and translates her LEED AP certification in her day job to the concept of recycling these classic treasures. 6222 Richmond, 713.977.7296;

Image: Rob Chramosta and Donae Cangelosi Cramosta. Photo by Jenny Antill.