Editor’s note: While Clifford is on his way to New York for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, his fashion colleague, Heather, scouted out some Houstonians who plan to be there, too.


Of all the pre-Fashion Week stories making the rounds, my personal favorites detail how editors and models survive the whirlwind. Mickey Boardman, Paper’s editorial director, sends his Lacoste shirts to a laundry where he picks them up still wet and Teen Vogue’s beauty director Eva Chen makes it through thanks to the magic powers of polish changes, ending the week with Deborah Lippman’s sparkly Happy Birthday polish.


Houston has its own coterie of Fashion Week-bound style seekers set for their time along the runway. From who to wear and where to eat, these women are prepped and ready for fashion’s big party.



Rebecca Spera & Sabrina Miskelly:  BFF’s plan one color scheme


Best friends Rebecca Spera and Sabrina Miskelly pulled from the sister/BFF handbook, combining accessories and other wearable elements for their NYFW wardrobe. Spera and Miskelly are balancing work and play during their time in New York since Spera is the host of Mirror, Mirror, a lifestyle show that runs in Houston and across the country and Miskelly is the show’s  producer.


The two depended on tailoring existing pieces, shopping online for last-minute items and working in vintage from Houston boutiques Cheeky Vintage and The Vintage Contessa.


CultureMap: How did you plan your wardrobe?


Rebecca Spera: Sabrina and I are splurging on the trip, so we didn’t want to splurge on our wardrobes, too Last night, Sabrina and I got together to play “dress up.” First we chose our neutral – black.  I’m packing a black pencil skirt, black skinny pants, a black leather jacket, black blouse, and black turtleneck.


Sabrina Miskelly: Having a full-time job and being a mom, I have to say, Rebecca thought about this before I even had a chance!  She brilliantly came up with a one color scheme plan, mixing in some vintage pieces.  I filled in any gaps with a couple of online purchases, with next-day shipping since I waited until the last minute to pack.  Let’s hope those black ponte knit skinny pants and leather pumps arrive before I leave for the airport!


CM: What shows are you two seeing?


RS: We’ve been offered a ton of fun behind-the-scenes opportunities, and our schedule Saturday and Sunday is jam-packed.  I’m not sure when we’ll sleep – if ever!


SM: Our schedule is jam-packed from the moment the plane hits the tarmac until it’s wheels up on the way home!  We got so many amazing invitations (and it’s our first MB Fashion Week), that we just kept replying yes.  I guess we’ll map it all out on the plane. Talk about “flying” by the seat of our pants.


CM: What one bar/restaurant/shop is a must?


RS: The Dutch is the hot, delicious, most-talked about restaurant in NYC right now.  We’ve made our reservations!  I want to check out Aritzia in Soho for shopping.  My girlfriend is a NYC fashion blogger, and she says it’s a must, especially for the fashionista on a budget!


SM: I’ve been asking the same question. I don’t pretend to know everything about New York.  I’m a Southern girl. I am lucky, however, to have gotten recommendations from many friends and colleagues who have lived, played and stayed in area.  Plus, I try not to hit the same places over and over again.  I don’t want to miss out on an opportunity to try something new!


CM: What are your NYFW survival tips?


RS: There will be Arctic-like temperatures according the meteorologists, so my plan is to look un-cute with the hat, scarf, warm (and comfortable) shoes until a block from the Lincoln Center.  Then, I’ll switch to heels, fluff my hair, and try my best to look fab walking into shows filled with the best of the best in fashion.


SM:  I have to say, I’m most concerned about my feet. Walking 15 blocks in a pair of high heels is not something I normally do. So, I’m stocking my handbag with shoe cushions, band-aids and flats that I can slip on in a moment of desperation.  You’ll probably also find a protein bar, packet of almonds, black pashmina, more hand warmers, tissues, lip balm and hand cream in there.  I’ll be like a walking Winter Fashion 911 kit.



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