We are happy to present our Contessa Collaboration with  Issa Chou, Blogger of We Wear Things, Editor in Chief of Yellow Magazine and new mother of twins Ellise & Etienne. Read on and be inspired by her love of Food, Fashion, Travel and Puppies.


Name: Issa Chou

Blog name: We Wear Things

Instagram: @issarocks

Twitter: @issarocks

Signature handbag: Celine Trapeze

Favorite addition to spring wardrobe: My ‘push present’ a Cartier love bracelet!

Most sentimental possession: An opal ring that was my mother’s

Your Instagram in five words or less: Food, Fashion, Travel and Puppies

Favorite travel destination: Morocco

Where you traveled last: Aruba

Last thing you Googled: MetGala 2016

What would our readers be surprised to know about you: Despite being an introvert, I was in a pageant when I was 18. I’m still surprised myself by this!

What is in your bag now: Cell phone, wallet, Burt Bee’s chapstick, hair tie, and a bunch of old receipts

Most coveted item from the vintage contessa: On my wish list for life – to own an Hermes bag one day, and while most ladies head for a Birkin, the Kelly bag has my eye.