Welcome to our new site! Well, it’s not completely new, but as you can see, we’ve completely rebranded, from the name to the colors to the logo and beyond. So, let’s walk you through it!

For starters, the name. For a while now, my husband Rob’s company, Times Past, and my company, The Vintage Contessa, have been separate brands, but under the same roof. If you come to our showroom, all our products are within it. Thus, we decided to combine the names and put it all under one. Makes more sense, doesn’t it? We are now Vintage Contessa & Times Past. We will continue to sell estate jewelry, fine watches, designer handbags and accessories, GIA diamonds, and rare coins.

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Because of the names coming together, we decided to change the colors to be more neutral and elegant. Gold and slate grey are what we decided on, and you will see them on everything, from our website to our logo to our business cards to our hang tags, packaging, and elsewhere.

And speaking of our logo, we decided upon an infinity sign because infinity means never ending, and everything we sell is timeless, as the beauty of our pieces is never ending.

Ultimately, we wanted to clean up the logo, modernize it, and make it look more luxe and sophisticated.

Our brand is all about authentic, timeless, luxury, and that’s what we want you to feel from the moment you click onto our website and as soon as you walk through our doors.

We hope you enjoy our rebrand! Thank you for all your support.