Danielle, though at times simplistic and to the point, she and her life’s journey have epitomized the very definition of eccentric. Largely possessing an attitude of ease, her laissez-faire attitude is unapologetically accompanied by a ZERO F· CKS given outlook on life… That said, this present day existence didn’t sprout itself from the wells of happenstance, but rather it was forged through the test of time, the ever presence of obstacles, but most importantly, the consistent nature of her perseverance. She has come so far from her younger youthful years of selfish bliss. Often in these moments she found herself doing what “felt right”, all while never looking back to see the catastrophic mess left in her wake. From her whirlwind of good times and irresponsible choices, to the heartfelt laughs and moments of regret; she comprised each of these essential pieces to become the completed puzzle of the Danielle known today. Through self-exploration, she has become a touchable and identifiable example of resilience. Rising above her circumstances and the cards dealt to her, or those she dealt herself; Danielle beat the dealer & took control of both the deck and her life’s ever-changing casino. In beginning this journey toward advocating for amazing women all around the world, Danielle is sharing her life experiences and hard learned advice in whatever capacity, all in an effort to uplift women who are subjected to feeling weak, not respected, un-worthy, vulnerable, mistreated or victimized. Curious as to what Danielle might have to say to you? Don’t be shy! Feel free to send a personal direct message to her contact information listed. To begin following Danielle’s journey, the secret scoop on men & relationships, hair, fashion, and make-up, please subscribe to her blog blast below.


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